trackerRAevolution™ | Revenue Assurance Solution for CSPs

A nimble and sensible approach to Revenue Assurance

The XINTEC Revenue Assurance solution is designed for flexibility and speed of implementation.

And a sensible price tag.

The solution provides a set of collection, reconciliation and reporting features, accessible through a smart and intuitive dashboard.

The system works by analysing and reconciling event detail records (eDRs) from various network sources (GSM, GPRS, Prepaid, Roaming, Interconnect, Billing, Mediation, etc) to identify, monitor and correlate the root causes of revenue leakage.

The software is typically deployed in predefined stages, as a range of easy-to-install modules requiring only light-touch integration.

"The ultimate in reconciliation simplicity. No job is too small"

Key features

  • Fully automated processing of event detail records (xDR files)
  • Test call generator server and engine
  • Setup of reconciliation between different streams
  • CDR data browsing and case management
  • Reconciliation report functionality based on web-based HTML reports
  • User configurable
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