trackerRAevolution™ | Cloud Based Revenue Assurance Solution for Smaller CSPs

"Brings you best in class software at a dramatically reduced cost"


Key features

  • Fully hosted hardware and software
  • Banking grade security and encryption
  • Compliance with the latest industry standards on data protection
  • Fully automated loading and processing of Operator data
  • Intuitive Web-based user interface for Revenue Assurance analysts
  • Event Detail Records (xDR) data retention and retrieval

Minimal Project Resources


Smaller Operators and MVNOs have limited resources and IT capacity, and also a limit on people with domain expertise to manage the Revenue Assurance function.

XINTEC Cloud Computing for Revenue Assurance is a Web-based multi-tenant application that several smaller Operators can use at the same time, over one instance of hardware.

A smaller operator processing 5 to 50 million xDRs per day will quickly understand the benefits of using a common infrastructure rather than their own, provided it's secure and robust.

XINTEC Cloud Computing is a low-cost alternative to buying software licences up front. This on-demand Software-as-a-Service model allows smaller operators to control spending while gaining full system access and control remotely via the Web.