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Introducing Revenue Assurance

Protecting revenues
TheTM Forum estimates that telecom operators with immature Revenue Assurance functions are likely to suffer leakage amounts of between 3% and 5% of total revenue. For a telecom operator with annual revenues of $600 million, 3% leakage equates to a loss of $18m. For every 1% saved, through effective Revenue Assurance monitoring, $6m is contributed back to the business.


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RAevolution is a Revenue Assurance solution designed for CSPs seeking flexibility, ease and speed of implementation, and a sensible price tag.

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RAevolutionTM in the cloud

telco Fraud Management

XINTEC Cloud Computing for Revenue Assurance is a Web-based multi-tenant applications environment that several smaller Operators can use.

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Revenue Assurance Consulting

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The XINTEC RA Health Check is designed to help prepare a business case to justify the commercial benefit of a revenue assurance system.

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Rating and Billing Validation

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Rating and Billing Validation describes the process of independently validating the accuracy of invoices issued to subs and partner companies.

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Roaming Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance solution

Although a high-value revenue stream, Roaming is very often excluded from the traditional Revenue Assurance function.

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