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Our Products

The specific product strategy at XINTEC is to bring to market a smart, lean, modular technology, which is quick to deploy and requires only light-touch integration.

This means minimum disruption to an operator’s IT environment, and products capable of delivering a ROI of 3%-5% of gross revenue.

We focus on 3 solution areas:

Although we execute a cost leadership strategy, XINTEC products are on par with the latest industry standards, which means there is no loss in quality with respect to other products of a similar nature available on the market.

Why Choose XINTEC

We have achieved buyer loyalty through our adherence to a strong value proposition based on:

At XINTEC we can help de-risk a business in a very simple and cost-effective way with a suite of products that are flexible, adaptable, quick to install, and able to deliver measurable results fast. We achieve this company mission by executing a cost leadership strategy.

We strive to continually drive down the cost of not just one or two products, but the entire range of products in the company's portfolio, while remaining forward-looking and innovative.

In fact, in certain cases XINTEC will offer a superior product (ie. FraudStrike™) demonstrating a single-minded focus on delivering greater value with respect to solving a given industry problem in a specific risk category, in this case International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) and Wangiri fraud.