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XINTEC appoints Adrian Harris as Senior Fraud & Risk Consultant

Adrian HarrisXINTEC has announced the appointment of Adrian Harris as Senior Fraud and Risk Consultant. A veteran of the telecoms industry, Adrian brings a wealth of domain knowledge and experience to the role and will have responsibility for working with XINTEC’s technical and commercial teams to expand the company’s product offerings.

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Telesom_1.jpgTelesom, Somaliland’s leading telecoms provider, has announced that it has signed a deal with XINTEC for its FMSevolution tool to monitor for Fraud across its network. In running all its fixed line and mobile traffic through XINTEC’s leading edge fraud detection system, the company will greatly enhance its protection against the world’s biggest fraud threats. The solution also provides additional detection techniques such as overlapping calls, high-usage detection and associative methods which combined with a unique hotlist database will significantly reduce fraud and deliver outstanding results.

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Silicon_Republic.pngThe following article was published on on October 24th 2018. Written by John Kennedy. The financial impact of telecoms fraud is massive and it could soon impact everyone.

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Diabolocom_2_2.jpgDiabolocom have announced that it has signed a multi-year deal with XINTEC for its FraudStrike tool to monitor for suspicious international outbound calling activity, including International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF), across its network.

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Yann LeRouxXINTEC is pleased to announce the appointment of Yann Le Roux as Head of Software Development. In his new role, Yann will be responsible for leading the development of XINTEC’s leading portfolio of fraud detection technology for the fixed and mobile communications industry across the globe. With over 12 years’ experience in software development, Yann joins XINTEC from JRI-America, the IT branch of Japan’s second largest bank, SMBC (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation), where he held the role of technical architect. Prior to this Yann spent five years working for global financial services corporation FEXCO, where he joined as a junior Java developer before progressing to the role of senior software engineer.

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Tango logoTango, Luxembourg’s number one alternative telecom operator, has signed a new three-year deal with XINTEC, the global fraud solutions agency, to leverage the latter’s leading-edge Revenue Assurance software suite – RAevolution.

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Applying the 80/20 Rule to Telecom Fraud

locksAlso known as the Pareto Principle, the 80/20 rule can be roughly applied to virtually any business need. In the 80/20 rule, organizations are able to get eighty percent of their results using twenty percent of their resources. In sales, 80 percent of all sales may be completed by the top 20 percent of employees. In fraud management, 80 percent of fraud can easily be detected and mitigated with 20 percent of the effort. Many business owners believe that they can't afford fraud management, when in fact, most fraud can be managed affordably with the right solutions.

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5 Reasons Why Smaller Telecom Operators Should Look to Telecom Fraud Management Providers

infiniti keep your existing pbx system 1024x683In September last year, the CFCA published the findings of its latest fraud loss survey revealing that Telecom Fraud has cost the industry an estimated $29.2bn in 2017, which comprises 1.27% of total global telecoms revenue. The good news is that while this is a better result than the previous 2015 survey, the bad news is that fraud remains one of the biggest revenue risks to operators globally, with IRSF in particular remaining the most prevalent type of fraud attack experienced.

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Silicon Republic: Irish start-up Xintec tackles toll trolls to save mobile telcos billions

Irish start-up Xintec has good news for the world’s mobile operators ahead of Mobile World Congress: it has found a solution to the €10bn-a-year International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) problem that is taking a toll on mobile operators all over the world. IRSF occurs when fraudsters use stolen SIMs or SIMs obtained using false identities to take advantage of international premium rate numbers and rack up millions of euros of cross-border calls that operators are obliged to pay termination fees for.

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Irish start up takes on the telecom industry’s biggest threat with launch of new fraud solution XINTEC, the Irish-based global provider of telecoms fraud prevention solutions has launched an exclusive new service designed to help operators combat International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF), the biggest revenue threat facing the industry in today’s digital society. FraudStrike is a specific package comprising a database of over 200,000 test-call numbers, and a set of detection techniques developed exclusively by XINTEC to ensure early detection and prevention of IRSF incidents. The result is a major saving in revenue for operators across the globe who are struggling to keep pace with ever-evolving fraud threats. The service has already been adopted by global players such as Orange and Digicel, both of whom have advocated the service.

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Euro-Information Telecom selects the XINTEC Fraud Detection Solution

Dublin 17 May 2015 – XINTEC, a global supplier of Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance solutions to the telecommunications industry, today announced that its FMSevolution™ fraud protection solution will be deployed by Euro-Information Telecom (EI Telecom). Euro-Information Telecom is the largest Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in France, with over 1.4 Million customers, and is the parent company of five major French telecommunications brands: NRJ Mobile, Cofidis Mobile, CIC Mobile, Credit Mutuel Mobile, and Auchan Telecom.

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£100 Fraud Cap on Stolen Phones

Mobile Phone Theft Cap – a new opportunity for Fraudsters? “A cap on mobile phone bills run up by thieves after handsets are stolen will bring relief to millions of consumers, campaigners say. Five service providers - EE, O2, Three, Virgin Media and Vodafone - say the £100 cap will be activated providing the phone is reported lost or stolen within 24 hours of it going missing.”

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XINTEC CTO Paul Nolan talks to Silicon Republic - Irelands leading technology news service

XINTEC CTO Paul Nolan talks to Silicon Republic – Ireland’s leading technology news service – about the challenges of managing a high growth technology company.

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NRTRDE: where we are in 2013

Over 4 years has now passed since the 1 October 2008 date when all GSM operators were expected to implement NRTRDE and reduce the deadline for shifting the roaming fraud loss liability from the HPMN to the VPMN (down to 4 hours). Regrettably there are still many operators who are not NRTRDE compliant. Some of these may be technically compliant, however have not re-signed the AA14 documents with their roaming partners to initiate the 4-hour reporting period, preferring to retain the longer period as a way to manage their liability for fraud losses as the VPMN, for late reporting.

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The impact on NRTRDE following the implementation of EU roaming regulation 111

Reliance on NRTRDE is likely to increase in European Union countries as a result of the new EU Roaming Regulation III initiative. This introduces an obligation for mobile operators to allow their customers an option, as of 1 July 2014, to purchase roaming within the EU as a separate service. This is aimed at enhancing competition in the EU roaming market, and driving down costs (which will be regulated within the EU community and likely to be between Eur 0,21 and 0,24c per minute for outgoing calls). This provides an opportunity for new players to enter the roaming industry, including existing operators such as MVNO’s, as Alternative Roaming Providers (ARP). ARP’s, who do not have their own networks, are to be offered easier access to the roaming market, requiring network operators in other member states to grant them access to their networks at regulated wholesale prices. ARP’s may also extend their roaming offer to include ‘unregulated’ destinations ouside the EU.

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Tango signs multi-annual Revenue Assurance deal with XINTEC

Luxembourg’s number one alternative Communications Service Provider, Tango, today announced its decision to implement Irish company XINTEC’s latest Revenue Assurance software suite – RAevolution 3.0. Tango is the first operator in Luxembourg to launch a full 4G mobile broadband service. With the recent addition of digital television services to the residential market, the company is now positioned as the first true quadruple-play operator (mobile, fixed-line, broadband and television) service provider in the country, under the brand name tango generation.

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IRSF: Are We Winning the Battle Against Telecom Pirates?

International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) is one of the telecom industry’s most enduring problems. Yet many of us who are familiar with IRSF have only a foggy notion of how it works and how operators around the globe are coping with the issue.

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Virgin Mobile France selects XINTEC Anti-Spam Fraud Detection Solution

September 2013 – OMEA TELECOM – Virgin Mobile (France), the leading alternative provider of mobile telephony services in France, closes deal with Irish software company XINTEC. XINTEC, a global supplier of Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance software has been selected by Virgin Mobile France to implement a solution to to detect and prevent any irregular or fraudulent activity that could potentially result in a loss or service quality and unwanted financial losses to the company.

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A Frightening Story about International Revenue Share Fraud

PBX Services Limited* (PSL) has been operating for a number of years providing PBX services to small to medium businesses. They are a small business but have been reasonably successful in providing their services to an established group of customers. PSL Management are aware of the fraud risks associated with PBX’s, however have never been a victim of any significant fraud, and because they are a small company, did not expect that they were likely to be targeted by organised fraudsters.

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XINTEC among the top 100 European start-ups

Dublin, 8 May 2014 – A rapidly-growing provider of cost-effective Big Data analytics solutions to the telecommunications industry, XINTEC has been chosen as one of the Top 100 ICT Start-Ups in Europe. The news was announced at the New Frontiers for European Entrepreneurs (NFFEE) event held at The Egg, in Brussels on 29th April 2014. The NFFEE initiative – organised by the European Commission, Deloitte, EBN, and DigitalEurope – was set up to showcase the 100+ technology start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs with the potential to grow exponentially in international markets, and to bring them together with investors, mentors and business support intermediaries. A team from XINTEC was invited by to travel to meet the organisers of the project and learn about the programme.

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XINTEC launches RBV 3.0 at Mobile World Congress 2014

Rating and Billing Validation (RBV) describes the process of independently validating the accuracy of invoices issued to customers (and partner companies). If the rating and billing process contains errors then over- or under-charging may occur. This can adversely impact the customer experience, tarnish the Communication Service Provider’s (CSP’s) brand image and can give rise to regulatory compliance issues.

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NRTRDE why should I be concerned?

Near-Real-Time Roaming Data Exchange (NRTRDE) has been with us since 2008, and has greatly helped to speed up roaming fraud detection. However, even as we approach 2014 a majority of CSPs worldwide have yet to derive the full benefits of this GSM Association format. Such a loophole in the global telecommunications network continues to offer opportunities for large-scale frauds to be committed, some of which are spectacular.

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Partner invoicing are you being overcharged?

All revenue streams in modern CSPs are important to monitor and safeguard.


Financial flows between partners or suppliers represent a critical portion of the costs and revenues of doing business in a dynamic and competitive marketplace, and ironically it is often these revenue streams that are overlooked when it comes to implementing a comprehensive Revenue Assurance strategy.

In our experience, Partner Assurance should rank among the highest of priorities when implementing a Revenue Assurance programme.

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Wangiri Fraud

Having originated in Japan, “one (ring) and cut” is a scam that continues to afflict Operators around the world. Also known as “Ping Call” or “SPAM Vocal” in France, usually the scam involves the random automatic dialling of a large number of mobile phones on the Operators network. The numbers then appear as missed calls on the subscriber’s phones. Thinking that a legitimate call was cut off, or just out of curiosity, the subscriber is enticed to return the call. But little do they know that the incoming number is a premium rate service number, which is facilitating a far more dangerous International Revenue Share Fraud, which can cost the Operator tens of thousands in just minutes.

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A Frightening Story About Wangiri Fraud

Operator-X is an operator in Asia who provides services to both Post-pay and Pre-pay customers, predominantly Pre-pay. During the previous 9 months, constant complaints have been received from Pre-Pay customers that their credit balances have been reduced to $0 following the return of 1 missed call, or by responding to a number sent to them via a text message. Investigation in to these complaints identified large numbers of Wangiri Fraud attacks, typically hundreds of simultaneous attacks occurring 7 days a week. This activity had been ongoing for about 9 months, with over 2000 unique numbers being used by the fraudsters as ‘call back’ numbers.

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IRSF Fraud Story

Dublin, 9th June 2014 – PBX Services Limited* (PSL) has been operating for a number of years providing PBX services to small to medium businesses. They are a small business but have been reasonably successful in providing their services to an established group of customers. PSL Management are aware of the fraud risks associated with PBX’s, however have never been a victim of any significant fraud, and because they are a small company, did not expect that they were likely to be targeted by organised fraudsters.

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Ventelo Selects XINTEC for Fraud Detection

Dublin, 4 July 2014 – XINTEC, a global supplier of Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance solutions to the telecommunications industry, today announced that its unique PRISM database solution is to be deployed at Ventelo AS. Ventelo is a provider of mobile and fixed voice services, and the largest Norwegian Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). The company has a B2B portfolio of mainly blue-chip customers, as well as a portfolio of B2C customers. Ventelo selected the XINTEC PRISM database for its exceptional capability to detect International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF). This particular fraud problem has the potential to inflict heavy financial losses on unprotected MVNOs and Mobile Network Operators around the world.

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Our Telekom Selects XINTEC's FMSevolution for Fraud Monitoring

Dublin, 10 July 2014 – Solomon Telekom Company Limited today signed a service agreement with XINTEC to provide fraud monitoring services throughout the Solomon Islands. Solomon Telekom Company Limited (Our Telekom) is the largest telecommunications network on the Solomon Islands, with services covering the areas of mobile, fixed line, Internet and television.

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A Frightening Insight into International Revenue Share Fraud

International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) has been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of fraud losses to the telecommunications industry over many years. Despite a lot of work by Carriers and supporting organisations over the past 8 or 9 years, the problem remains, and is likely to remain for at least a few more years before there is some agreement within the industry to take what actions are required to prevent a carriers revenue from finding its way into fraudsters pockets. There have been a number of initiatives which have been successful at reducing the impact (value) of individual incidents of IRSF, such as NRTRDE and ‘Hot number range databases’, however the incidents of IRSF continue to grow, mainly with a shorter timeframe but still with significant fraud losses. The number of International Revenue Share number resellers also continues to grow, and we are aware of over 115 of these currently, which is a +500% increase since 2009. It is important to state that not all number resellers are fraudsters. Some are legitimate businesses offering numbers for content services, tele-voting etc, and these provide a reasonably safe revenue stream. However there are many others who openly encourage fraud and will provide their numbers to anyone with little concern about how these callers are going to pump traffic into them.

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