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Helping Smaller Operators Manage Risk

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Smaller telecom operators and MVNOs tend to share the same operational concerns in respect of Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance (RA) as the larger tier 1 operators.

However, the smaller operator segment is exposed to quite a different set of challenges in order to achieve similar results in these areas.

These challenges include:

  • Operational resource availability
  • Infrastructure
  • Finance
  • Capabilities

All of these will impact the results that can be achieved by Fraud and Revenue Assurance (RA) teams within the smaller organisations.

Frequently smaller operators and MVNOs fail to recognise the importance of Fraud and RA systems, or try and create in-house solutions, often leading to increased financial losses when incidents do occur.

XINTEC white papers are based on current industry trends to help telecom companies make more informed decisions about technology choices.


XINTEC is recognized for promoting innovative ideas. Not only will these white papers demonstrate a degree of thought leadership, they will also help readers substantiate the preparation of a business case.

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