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Fraud Management Issues for Smaller Communications Service Providers

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In addition to the increased risk faced by small CSP's to maintain their own market share, the challenge to reduce costs in the face of declining revenues, while maintaining service levels across the business can be a difficult one. The environment created by the growing competitive nature of our business has become ideal for the fraudster to exploit.

The most common (and highest financial impact) frauds highlighted by the Annual Fraud Indicator were:

  • International Revenue Share fraud (IRSF)
  • Interconnect By-Pass fraud/ Simbox fraud
  • Subscription fraud/identity fraud
  • PBX fraud
  • Roaming fraud

It is known that fraudsters will often target smaller CSP's, knowing that their internal resources, processes and fraud management systems are generally not as robust and effective as in most larger operators, and consequently allow fraudulent activities to continue longer to maximise their profits.

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