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Within the telecoms industry, Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance functions have not escaped cost cutting initiatives. Hence without an effective strategy to manage a reduction in resources imposed by senior management, a Fraud Manager or Revenue Assurance Analyst will continue to try and achieve the same results, despite having less resources and spending less money.

Outsourcing means more than just improved operational effectiveness and is not limited to specific areas of the business such as Networks, IT and Customer Operations. It is now generally accepted that it involves a growing number of an operator's activities and functions, especially those that significantly contribute to its added value, which must include Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance.

XINTEC white papers are based on current industry trends to help telecom companies make more informed decisions about technology choices.


XINTEC is recognized for promoting innovative ideas. Not only will these white papers demonstrate a degree of thought leadership, they will also help readers substantiate the preparation of a business case.

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