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Adding Value to your Business with Revenue Assurance

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The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Finance Director (FD) is responsible for the performance of the business and will constantly face changes relating to advances in technology and an oftentimes uncertain economic and political landscape.

Getting the facts and figures right is one of the top challenges under his or her watch throughout the year. Changes to customer numbers, to projected and actual revenues, to costs, to margins, etc. will need to be reported accurately and on a regular basis to stakeholders. 

The problem is that the CFO or FD generally has very little direct control over any of these variables.  Customer numbers are influenced by sales and marketing teams; revenues are the responsibility of the billing department; costs are determined by operational considerations, etc., not to mention the external or macroeconomic factors influencing the business in general. 

However, there is a way the CFO or FD can leverage their independence to add value to the bottom line, and this is by adopting a Revenue Assurance approach.

XINTEC white papers are based on current industry trends to help telecom companies make more informed decisions about technology choices.


XINTEC is recognized for promoting innovative ideas. Not only will these white papers demonstrate a degree of thought leadership, they will also help readers substantiate the preparation of a business case.

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