trackerFraudStrike | IRSF Telecom Detection Solution in the Cloud


A real-time IRSF detection solution in the cloud.

A live database of 1,600,000+ test call numbers.

Fraud managers are aware of the dangers of IRSF. "Windows of opportunity" for fraudsters are weekends and holidays, when fraud control systems are unmanned.

By the time a fraud is discovered, it's usually too late. The damage will have been done, and most often the resulting financial losses are irrecoverable by the telco.

To prevent this from happening, many years of research have been committed to developing FraudStrikeTM, an important additional "layer of control" to existing telco fraud detection systems.

telcos existing fraud control

At the kernel of the FraudStrike™ solution is a database containing over 1,000,000 test call numbers likely to be used by fraudsters in an IRSF attack. Advanced prospective techniques are used to obtain and update this live repository of IRSF test call numbers.

FraudStrike™ will check every single call event against this database, and will generate an immediate alert if one of these test numbers is dialled from anywhere in the world.

The unique importance of tipping the balance from reactive to predictive detection gives fraud managers a competitive edge.

Though useful, high-usage reports (HURs) are largely inadequate in spotting IRSF. Today many telcos continue to rely solely on these HURs to identify potential cases of roaming fraud.

With FraudStrike, additional detection techniques such as overlapping calls, high-usage detection and associative methods are combined with the database to reduce false positives and deliver oustanding results.

With FraudStrike, Fraud Managers can now access comprehensive reporting on alerts, data and traffic utilising an easy-to-use Web dashboard interface:

  • visualise NRTRDE data in real time
  • predict potential fraud incidents before they occur
  • access dashboard and KPI functions via a simple Cloud interface
  • reduce the dependency on HURs as a means to spot fraud
  • save their company millions of dollars in lost revenue

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