trackerSIM Box Detector protects CSPs against Interconnection Bypass

"Advanced analytics to eliminate interconnect bypass fraud"

SIM Box Detection

Key features

  • Built-in statistical functions for detecting simboxes
  • Special algorithms to identify bypassed calls
  • Tools to define and test simbox profiles
  • White-listing of trusted corporate simboxes
  • CDR data browsing and case management
  • Roaming "call home" CDR integration for additional coverage
  • Integration with FMSevolution platform

A ready-made software solution that analyzes event detail records (xDRs) in near-real time. 


The solution monitors domestic and roaming xDRs in accordance with a set of policies that determines the presence of simboxes and interconnect bypass fraud. This requires the support of a CDR analysis and extrapolator system that provides you with four vital capabilities: traffic visibility, detection, alarms and analysis.

SIM Box Detector applies two methods of detecting simboxes:

  1. customer profiling
  2. the identification of bypassed calls.

These two controls combine to allow Operators and MVNOs to neutralise simboxes and to drastically reduce lost income, boosting competitive advantage.

In addition, to detecting fraudulent activity, it will calculate the impact of such fraud for the Operator or MVNO, by analysing xDRs, so that the resulting financial losses can be measured.

All data loaders and detection modules have been optimised to offer the ideal combination of performance and simplicity.

Our SIM Box Detector is an integral module of the XINTEC FMSevolution fraud management system. FMSevolution and the SIM Box Detector are available in various deployment models, including on-site, managed, or Cloud service options. For instance, FMSevolution in the Cloud includes all hardware, software, setup, installation, configuration, testing, training and ongoing support and maintenance under a single monthly fee. With SIM Box Detector the Operator or MVNO will benefit from early detection of simboxes in the most cost-effective manner possible, and will enjoy an accelerated return on investment.