trackerFMSevolution | Cloud Based Telecom Fraud Detection

"XINTEC gives you best-in-class software at a dramatically reduced cost."

XINTEC Cloud Solutions

Key features

  • Remote and secure 24/7 monitoring
  • No hardware costs, no license costs
  • The option to flexibly add new modules
  • Regular software upgrades at no extra cost
  • Rapid implementation (days instead of months)
  • Full Managed Service option for fraud/RA monitoring


Cost effective cloud deployments

Cloud computing enables the use of fully functional Fraud Management and/or Revenue Assurance applications via the Web at much lower cost.

Unlike the traditional software licensing model - where the software and hardware is installed and run on-site at the customer's premises - Cloud computing is rapidly becoming the number one choice for smaller Operators and MVNOs worldwide.

These can benefit from rapid implementation, reduced resource requirement and lower costs, while leveraging all the advantages of a shared multi-tenancy infrastructure.

XINTEC Cloud Computing is a low-cost alternative to buying software licences up front. This on-demand Software-as-a-Service model allows Operators and MVNOs to control spending while gaining full system access and control remotely via the Web.