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"Today's operating environment requires everyone to do more with less"

Fraud Consultant

Key Benefits

  • Provides a detailed report on the health of the Operator's or MVNO's fraud and risk capability
  • Provides detailed recommendations for any improvements required
  • Reduced risk and increased revenues by complying with industry best practice
  • Board and shareholder confidence that revenue risk is being managed effectively
  • A more controlled risk environment allows greater 'risk taking' in the business

Key features

  • Interviewing senior management and key stakeholders to identify their concerns
  • Risk Assessment of existing and emerging products and services
  • Review existing fraud management tools, operations, processes and procedures
  • Testing the effectiveness and accuracy of existing fraud reporting methodology
  • Review of existing fraud and security organizational and operational structure
  • Identify any fraud and investigation training requirements
  • Evaluation of the Operator's or MVNO's Fraud and Security culture, maturity and awareness
  • Review existing fraud and security related policies and update as required
  • Perform interim management, investigations or project management as required

Developing an effective fraud management strategy requires an accurate assessment of an Operator's or MVNO's fraud risk. Once these risks are fully identified, effective controls can be designed and implemented to reduce risk and minimise loss

The telecommunications industry continues to offer high value products and services in circumstances where they will be exploited by criminals unless effective controls are implemented. Faced with shrinking budgets and reduced resources, most Operator and MVNO fraud teams are expected to minimise losses from many risk areas, including network and services abuse, internal fraud, theft and through other forms of dishonesty. Critical to this team's success in achieving their KPI's is the creation of an organisation and operational environment that will deliver maximum value from the resources and budgets available.

XINTEC's Fraud Consulting Service offers the services of a well-known experienced telecom fraud management professional, criminal investigator and business manager Colin Yates. His years of experience qualifies him to review all areas of the business for fraud, crime and risk, to ensure all existing controls and operational procedures are consistent with industry best practise, and where necessary recommend and design new or improved controls and processes to raise these to the required standard.