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Fraud Management

It only takes one fraud hit to suffer a €50,000- €500,000 loss in just days.

85% of fraud occurs after normal business hours, and manual processes don't offer protection.

Without a reliable automated Fraud Management System, telecom organisations are hugely vulnerable.


FMSevolution is a scalable, modular and flexible fraud management system which automates fraud detection with little up-front investment.

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FraudStrike™ is real-time anti-IRSF solution in the cloud. It comprises a unique live database of 700,000+ IRS test numbers that for the first time allows IRSF attacks to be detected before or during the early stages of an attack.

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Simbox Fraud

Revenue Assurance solution

Simbox fraud is among the top 5 emerging threats to Operators and MVNOs worldwide, and costs the industry some USD 3 billion per year.

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Fraud and RA Consulting

Protecting revenues

XINTEC's Fraud and/or RA Consulting Service offers the services of well-known and experienced telecom professionals.

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IRSF Fraud Protection with "PRISM"

telecom fraud case studies

By automatically interrogating the IRSF hotlist database "on the fly", XINTEC will identify potential IRSF attacks before, or shortly after they start.

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