tracker2Degrees implements automated FMS to manage their revenue risk

FMS evolution: a proven technology, quick to deploy and cost effective

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2Degrees Mobile, New Zealand's 2nd Mobile Operator, implements XINTEC's FMSevolution Fraud Management System to protect them against fraud.

"The fact that FMSlite is an already proven cost-effective solution, and comes with the highest industry recommendation, has greatly simplified our choice. Flexibility is what's most important to us, and we are looking forward to working with XINTEC in the future." Steven Fast, ex-CFO, 2degrees


The Challenge


2Degrees was launched in 2009 as New Zealand's 3rd Mobile Operator. They built a new mobile network with coverage throughout New Zealand and proceeded with a strategy of changing the New Zealand mobile market by providing simple products and fair pricing. Within 6 months, they had attracted 206,000 customers and within 3 years reached the 1 million customer mark. Shortly after launching, it became apparent that their rapid growth and the demands on their customer acquisition processes required them to implement an automated Fraud Management System to manage their revenue risk.

The Solution


As part of this search for a suitable revenue protection tool, 2Degrees evaluated the XINTEC FMSevolution product, then known as FMSlite. This was perfect for them. It was quick to deploy, low-cost and a solution that was already proven.  It was also a modular solution that was capable of growing along with them, as they continued to make a huge impact on the New Zealand mobile market. 2Degrees made the decision to implement the FMSevolution mobile and roaming fraud detection module to cover high usage, hotlisting and GPRS, along with the additional modules for Sim Box Detection and Prepaid recharge fraud detection along with Pseudo rating and Subscriber Demographics.

The Result


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Once the decision to use XINTEC was confirmed, the FMSevolution product was implemented and operational within weeks. To ensure the system operated with 100% effectiveness, XINTEC customised system software to enable data from different data sources at 2Degrees to be processed.