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Case Studies

telecom fraud case studies

Below is a list of featured case studies from companies in the telecommunications industry that have implemented XINTEC software solutions and have derived clear and measurable benefits in so doing.


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RAevolution turns RA into an organizational strategy at Tango

telecom fraud client Tango case study

Luxembourg's number one alternative Communications Service Provider, Tango, has implemented XINTEC's Revenue Assurance software suite - RAevolution 3.0.

Tango is the first operator in Luxembourg to launch a full 4G mobile broadband service. With the recent addition of digital television services to the residential market, the company is now positioned as a true quadruple-play operator (mobile, fixed-line, broadband and television) in the country.

FMSevolution: protection from IRSF and Roaming Fraud

telecom fraud client TCI

Telecom Cook Islands uses XINTEC FMSevolution as a cost effective solution to manage their fraud and revenue risk.

"FMSevolution enables us to respond quickly to potential fraud alerts, protecting our revenue stream. This means we can safely expand our products and services to benefit customers." Jules Maher, ex-CEO, TCI

FMSevolution: scalable technology for high-growth markets

telecom fraud client vodafone

Vodafone Qatar, the Gulf Emirate's newest communications company implements XINTEC's FMSevolution Fraud Management System as the first step in their strategy to partner with XINTEC to deploy their innovative revenue optimization tools.

"The choice for FMSevolution was clear for several reasons, not least that we get all the functionality we need from a fraud management system without the show-stopping costs we see all too often" Rob James, ex-Head of Fraud, VF-Qatar.

FMSevolution, a cost effective SMS anti-spam solution

telecom fraud client Virgin Mobile case study

Virgin Mobile (France) chooses XINTEC to implement a solution to detect and prevent any irregular or fraudulent activity that could potentially result in a loss of service quality or financial losses to the company.

"Having immediate visibility of our customer data to rapidly identify and eliminate any fraudulent usage in near-real time is essential to the quality of service on our network as we strive to consistently exceed customer expectations."  Telecoms Manager, Virgin Mobile France

SIM Box Detection and Interconnect Bypass prevention

telecom fraud client Vodafone

Vodafone Ghana is one of the latest additions to the Vodafone Group, the world's leading mobile telecommunications company.

Vodafone Ghana recently deployed the XINTEC SIM Box Detector solution to monitor and prevent interconnect bypass traffic, SIM Gateways, or SIM boxing from causing potentially heavy financial losses to their network.

FMSevolution: a proven technology, quick to deploy and cost effective

telecom fraud client 2 Degrees case studies2Degrees Mobile, New Zealand's 3rd Mobile Operator, implements XINTEC's FMSevolution Fraud Management System to protect them against fraud.

"The fact that FMSlite is an already proven cost-effective solution, and comes with the highest industry recommendation, has greatly simplified our choice. Flexibility is what's most important to us, and we are looking forward to working with XINTEC in the future." Steven Fast, ex-CFO, 2degrees