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Our Customers


Tango Luxembourg:

telecom fraud client Tango case study"XINTEC have proven to be a strategic partner for Tango. Together we have achieved outstanding results with the RAevolution system, which has helped ensure the validity and reliability of our internal controls, as well as measure the financial performance of our various streams." Vikrant Mehta, CFO


Vodafone Ghana:

telecom fraud client vodafone"We were looking for a cost-effective and user-friendly solution that would meet our needs, without the complexity of a total fraud management system costing millions, so the decision for FMSevolution was clear." Robbie Lynch, Fraud Consultant




Top 100 High Potential Start Ups in Europe - ACE

telecom fraud management achievement XINTEC was chosen as one of the Top 100 ICT Start-Ups in Europe, recognised as a rapidly growing provider of cost effective Big Data analytics solutions to  telecom organisations.

Managing to disrupt a traditionally competitive space with a unique concept of product and service flexibility - by performing analytics on key revenue streams in near-real time - XINTEC helps telcos maximise their profitability.



Accelerated Growth Programme/Excel at Exporting Programme - Enterprise Ireland

telecom fraud solution start-upXINTEC was etablished in Ireland in 2012 after securing support from Enterprise Ireland under dedicated funding scheme.

The XINTEC team also receives mentorship from the organisation's Accelerated Growth Programme while enjoying the status of High Potential Start Up (HPSU) client of the Enterprise Ireland network.



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