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How do we achieve cost reductions?

When it comes to implementing sensible cost reductions at XINTEC our agenda is driven and measured by the following criteria, to mention a few:

  • A lean product development model and mostly off-the-shelf products;
  • Less product differentiation: we don’t offer all the product enhancements that many market players do (our customers don’t require them);
  • Efficient Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) models;
  • Operating principles based on simple and repeatable processes;
  • Tight accounting controls on costs and expenses;
  • An optimal number of touch points with customers;
  • Cost-sensitive distribution channels;
  • A choice business location offering unique mix of talent and serviceable wage costs.

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    About The Xintec Brand

    Our name, XINTEC, is derived from the Chinese word heart and the English word technology. Despite our Irish heritage, we wanted a name that captures both our global reach and our philosophy. A philosophy built on a belief that great technology is borne out of a heart-felt passion to create game-changing products, which deliver a real and sustainable impact for the customers we serve.

    We also believe in getting to the heart of the matter, providing the right systems to solve problems and address pain points. Not with over specified, expensive and unwieldy solutions, but with smart, lean, modular technology, which is quick to deploy and requires only light-touch integration, and therefore minimal disruption to an operator’s business.