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XINTEC white papers are based on current industry trends to help telecom companies make more informed decisions about technology choices.


XINTEC is recognized for promoting innovative ideas. Not only will these white papers demonstrate a degree of thought leadership, they will also help readers substantiate the preparation of a business case.

Helping Smaller CSP's Overcome the Challenges in Risk Management

fraud solution whitepaperRecent surveys on fraud such as the Annual Fraud Indicator highlight how fraud is still a major issue for CSP's with 89% of the respondents stating that fraud losses had increased or stayed the same within their own organizations year on year. The headline figure for the industry extrapolated from the results of the survey show an average estimated 1.88% loss of revenue to fraud.

Many smaller tier 2 and 3 CSP's, new entrants and those in emerging markets have reported losses of between 4-6% of revenues from fraud, figures which can have a significant impact on a smaller CSP trying to maximise profits and their growth potential. It is known that Fraudsters will often target smaller CSP's, knowing that their internal resources, processes and fraud management system are generally not as robust and effective as in most larger operators, and consequently allowing telecom frauds to continue longer to maximise their profits.

Fraud Management Issues for Smaller Communication Service Providers

fraud solution whitepaperIn addition to the increased risk faced by small CSP's to maintain their own market share, the challenge to reduce costs in the face of declining revenues, while maintaining service levels across the business can be a difficult one. The environment created by the growing competitive nature of our business has become ideal for the fraudster to exploit.
The most common (and highest financial impact) frauds highlighted by the Annual Fraud Indicatorwere:

  • International Revenue Share fraud (IRSF)
  • Interconnect By-Pass fraud/ Simbox fraud
  • Subscription fraud/identity fraud
  • PBX fraud
  • Roaming fraud

It is known that fraudsters will often target smaller CSP's, knowing that their internal resources, processes and fraud management systems are generally not as robust and effective as in most larger operators, and consequently allow fraudulent activities to continue longer to maximise their profits.

The Typical Impact of Cost Cutting on Fraud and Revenue Assurance

fraud solution whitepaperThe argument that "our fraud losses have reduced and we can now afford to reduce the capability to manage that function" is not a sound one. No CSP should be basing the development of their fraud management strategy solely around their own fraud experience, considering telecommunication trends and the likelihood of their fraud risk increasing if their capability to manage this function reduces.

The writer has seen first-hand the impacts of insufficient tools and resources resulting from cost cutting exercises, for example over €3 million lost to one operator because roaming fraud continued for 3 months without being discovered, and an IRSF fraud which grew to €1.3 million because no-one was available to check NRTRDE records. Could these losses have been anticipated?

Outsourcing the Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance Functions

fraud solution whitepaperContracting out specific areas of Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance is not a new concept, and many "forward thinking" CSP's are already taking advantage of some of the Fraud and RA Managed Services that are available.

The writer's experience in this area has generally been that there is reluctance from the Fraud Analyst and Revenue Assurance Analyst to accept the benefits of outsourcing at least some components of the Fraud Management and RA functions to a third party, such as a managed service or a Shared Services Centre. Perhaps it would be of benefit to look at the three high-level business functions which exist for both Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance: Prevention, Detection and Investigation.

Doing More with Less

fraud solution whitepaperWithin the telecoms industry, Fraud Management and Revenue Assurancefunctions have not escaped cost cutting initiatives. Hence without an effective strategy to manage a reduction in resources imposed by senior management, a Fraud Manager or Revenue Assurance Analyst will continue to try and achieve the same results, despite having less resources and spending less money.

Outsourcing means more than just improved operational effectiveness and is not limited to specific areas of the business such as Networks, IT and Customer Operations. It is now generally accepted that it involves a growing number of an operator's activities and functions, especially those that significantly contribute to its added value, which must include Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance.


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